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Remember the viral video showing a white woman threatening to call the police on an 8-year-old black girl, just for selling water?

The girl, who was selling bottled water without a permit outside the AT&T Park during a San Francisco Giants baseball game, was hoping to raise money to got to Disneyland.

But a white woman kicked up a fuss, telling the girl she was calling the cops. She has since apologised for her actions and claimed she only pretended to call the police.

Now, there's a welcome twist to the tale.

You would think that 'Permit Patty' - the nickname Rajé Lee, the girl's cousin who tweeted the video, gave the white woman - had quashed the little girl's Disneyland dream.

But intent on raising funds for her younger cousin, Lee has launched a GoFundMe page. She wrote:

I'm just doing this to help her out a bit.

I wasn't going to make one but so many of you insisted I decided to.

The page was only created yesterday, but has already hit its £1511 ($2,000) target.

Lee clarified that "someone has already purchased 4 tickets for her" and that the page was "covering gas, spending money, a room or whatever else Jordan decides".

Even better news, Jordan is already back to selling water.

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