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A white woman from North Carolina has been caught in a now-viral video using the 'n-word' when talking to a group of African Americans at a restaurant, then insisting she'd do it again.

A 66-second clip was posted to Facebook on Tuesday by Chanda Stewart, who is black, and it shows a woman identified as Nancy Goodman speaking to an employee at Bonefish Grill in Raleigh, who complained that three women had been disruptive and too loud, reports the New York Post.

After the video was shared to Facebook, it went viral, and has had 282,000 views:

In the video, the woman can be heard saying:

So am I shocked because this person had the audacity right here to come to our table and tell us that we are the rudest people that she has ever met.

Look at her… We’re paying for our food just like everybody else and she told us that we are the rudest people ever.

Goodman then pulls out her phone, walks around the table to confront the woman, and says that she has 'really good' friends who are black.

She adds:

And I love them.

Stewart replies:

We never said anything about colour.

Goodman then says to the group that she thinks they were being 'too loud', prompting another woman to say that her money is 'just as green' as hers.

At that point, Goodman says:

Oh, you’re so stupid, n*****.

She later told WRAL that she wasn't sorry for using the slur, and that she would 'do it again' to the group of women.

Speaking to the station, she said:

I’m not going to say I’m sorry to them because they kept pushing at it.

I would say it again to them. They are the rudest individuals I have ever seen.

Goodman, who insists that she is not racist, said on her Facebook page that she was suffering from 'extreme anxiety', but acknowledged that this didn't excuse her behaviour.

In the post, she wrote:

I am ashamed of my actions.

A spokeswoman for the restaurant's parent company told WRAL that the incident was being reviewed. Speaking to the station, they said:

We do not tolerate hate speech or disrespect in our restaurants.

HT New York Post

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