Whoopi Goldberg rants about the struggles that her mother had with taxes compared to Trump

Whoopi Goldberg rants about the struggles that her mother had with taxes compared to Trump

The revelations about Donald Trump's taxes, or lack thereof, has gotten everyone up in arms including Whoopi Goldberg.

The Academy Award-winning actor who can now be found on the American talk show The Viewis an outspoken critic of the president and this latest revelation produced one of her most scathing takedowns of Trump.

Speaking to her fellow hosts, Goldberg recalled how her mother, who was a teacher, struggled for so many years to pay her taxes and how Trump could get away with paying so little.

I'll tell you what's p**sing me off, my mother when I was a kid, I told this story four years ago when we found out that his $900,000 million debt was forgiven and he said that he was 'smart' because he knew where all the loopholes were. All I can think of is my mother, trying desperately every year to pay her taxes to the IRS and the IRS coming after my mother because maybe she wasn't able to pay all of it but she did pay some of it and how they harassed her to make sure she paid it. I remember her crying and trying to figure out how she was going to pay these taxes. I remember that she paid them out year after year because she didn't make all that much money. I don't understand why my mother had to be harassed, why millions of Americans have to be harassed and a tax code that was put together by a guy who doesn't pay taxes so now you have people who don't have any money because they are working to pay the taxes. Taxes are everything. Yon can't pay them off. You can't catch a break. I don't understand. He paid $750.

Joy Behar then asked who in America is supposed to be paying for all the infrastructure, if the riches people in society aren't willing to pay their fair share. Goldberg added:

They are all supposed to be paying their fair share. I don’t get when you suddenly look and people can’t send their kids to camp or people can’t buy little bits of things or can’t go on vacation because the tax laws are such that they can’t write anything off. I don’t understand how that works. Why are we having to pay, because I work every day like a whole bunch of people. Why is it all on us to do this? Where is he? How dare you? How dare you?

Behar added to Goldberg's rant by saying that Trump was 'a crook.'

The damning report from The New York Times found that Trump had paid just $750 in tax in 2017 and had paid almost nothing for 11 of the 18 years previous to that. It also detailed how the president had encountered financial troubles after The Apprentice suffered a decline in popularity and speculated that he only ran for office to bolster his popularity around the world.

Trump's taxes are likely to be a significant talking point in his upcoming debate with Joe Biden, the first of which is set to take place in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday evening.

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