Why some women secretly turn up the heating

Greg Evans
Saturday 14 October 2017 11:15
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If you live in the UK, you will have definitely noticed that it has been starting to get a lot colder outside in recent weeks.

In turn, this means that your radiators will be turned up to maximum temperature again.

Which will result in three things:

1. A nice, warm house.

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2. A heightened gas bill.

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3. Arguments with other tenants about who changed the heating settings.

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This time tested quarrel between tenants over the central heating is a debate that will never go away.

There could be some science behind it.

Research by the heating company Corgi has found that at least a third of heterosexual couples have argued about the heating, while four out of ten women have covertly turned up the thermostat without telling their male partner.

According to Corgi the standard house temperature is 20 degrees celsius which is actually 4.5 degrees lower than what is recommended for a woman.

This is all down to metabolisms and how men and women both experience and react to cold temperature, which can effect the circulation of warm blood around the body.

Men are likely to feel the cold less as they have, on average, a faster metabolism. Oestrogen in a woman's body can slow down their internal heating network as it thickens the blood and prevents it from flowing to limbs as quickly.

The issue is a workplace one too:

Scientists have found that workplace heating systems are on the whole designed for male comfort.

It's no wonder women in heterosexual relationships want the house warm when they get home.

Corgi CEO Peter Southcott, who commissioned the research admitted that these results could indicate a problem for heterosexual relationships.

LadBible quote him as saying:

It's a delicate domestic negotiation setting the perfect temperature and any changes planned should be carried out with a 'degree' of caution.

So next time your man wants to give you grief for pushing the heating up a notch, just tell him that science has got your back.

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