Windsor Castle has changed its duvets and people are having a hard time

Rebecca Reid@RebeccaCNReid
Monday 04 January 2016 15:20

In a shocking turn of events it has come to light that the bedding at Windsor Castle has been changed from the traditional sheets and eiderdown arrangement to a more modern duvet.

The development has sparked "outrage" among staff at Windsor Castle, with one member of the household telling the Daily Mail:

It’s rather old fashioned nowadays but many of those in the Royal Household believe that using sheets, blankets and eiderdowns is one of those traditions that should be retained.

It’s been remarked on that [using duvets] seems, well, a little like something that a hotel chain might do. And we are definitely not that.

Fortunately we haven’t started putting on those awful decorative cushions, though.

The reaction elsewhere has been slightly less sympathetic:

Between the duvets and December's announcement that Prince George would be attending a Montessori nursery, the Royal family has had an unprecedented level of modernity of late.

However a source for the Daily Mail was quick to quash the controversy this morning, commenting "The option of an eiderdown or duvet has been offered in guest bedrooms for quite some time now."

Strangely not everyone seems to think that this is the most important news story of the day...

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