In confirmation of the process of ageing, it has emerged that Prince George got a few months older in the last few months.

The Daily Express delivered the news to the nation on Thursday morning via its front page:

On page three, a 481-word report headlined "George, the curly-heired Prince" continues to confirm that time has indeed passed and that, yes, George has also got older since that time passed.

The report explains that the third in line to the throne (who used to be one year old, but is now two years old) visited Buckingham Palace on Wednesday to see his grandmother, the Queen.

And how he is growing... in a white shirt and navy cardigan, the future King, nearly two and a half, gazed pensively out of the window.

With his chin resting on his hand, he seemed to be contemplating the tourist crowds and press photographers, a picture of maturity compared to the little boy at his sister Princess Charlotte's christening in the summer.

It confirmed...

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