Woman receives abusive text from airline after trying to reclaim luggage

Airlines aren't getting a good time of it at the moment, especially when it comes to customer service.

A few days ago an American airline was accused of racism after they called the police on her for being 'fat and black'.

Then there was the plane in Australia that experienced technical problems so severe that everyone on board thought they were about to die.

Now American Airlines have found themselves in hot water after a woman, who was attempting to retrieve some luggage, received a vulgar message from one of their employees.

Marla Margolis was flying from Boston to Miami back in February to celebrate her son's bar mitzvah before realising that her son's suit and daughter's dress had been left in overhead compartments.

This discovery was made only a few hours after she had left the plane, so Marla presumed that all would be OK to give the airline a call and explain what had happened in the hope that the items would still be on the plane.

However, the process to report a lost property with the airline was a little more complicated than expected and Marla was told that she would have to file a claim and wait to hear back from them.

Speaking to WCVB:

All I needed to do was to talk to a human being at the airport.

I didn’t need to file something and find out 48 hours later if it was found.

This frustration eventually boiled over and she may have said something cursive before putting down the phone.

Now, if you've ever worked in the service industry you'll realise that the number one rule is 'the customer is always right'.

Somehow this employee managed to forget that and replied to Marla with an expletive ridden text message.

The message read:

I will put my foot up a** you f***ing w**re.

Marla replied with:

This is going right to the CEO.

Marla then immediately tried to ring the number back but was sent straight to a voicemail.

A week passed by before she got a response from the company explaining that they would investigate what had happened.

Then she received another message this time reading:

Are you enjoying my foot up your a**?

Marla added in her interview with WCVB:

This is totally, off the books, crazy

I was very, very upset by the text. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get my answer.

It was insult to injury to get this offensive text message.

American Airlines have reportedly confirmed that a thorough investigation will be conducted into what happened and would be interviewing the staff members who took her call.

Marla has also informed the police about the incident.


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