Woman goes viral for dressing as a bush to capture her sister's engagement

Chelsea Ritschel
Monday 30 September 2019 18:15
Woman goes viral after dressing as bush to capture sister's engagement (Twitter / @theresemerkel)

A woman is being applauded for her dedication to capturing the moment her sister got engaged - by dressing as a bush.

Therese Merkel, from Wisconsin, knew about her future brother-in-law’s plans to propose to her older sister Rachel, but didn’t want to give away the surprise - so she turned to a shrub-like outfit as a disguise.

“Sister got engaged this weekend and I dressed as a bush in the wilderness to watch/capture the moment,” Merkel wrote on Twitter, alongside photos of the day. “We are one year apart… why are our lives so different.”

In the photos from the proposal at Picnic Point in Madison, Merkel can be seen crouched in a head-to-toe twig-covered ghillie suit, which are used by snipers.

Alternatively, the photos she took of her sister show the stunning backdrop and her sister’s surprise at her fiancé Andrew Philibeck asking her to marry him.

Merkel’s sisterly dedication has resonated on Twitter, where her tweet has been liked more than 177,000 times.

“Your parents must be proud,” one person joked. “I’m sure they’re proud of her too.”

Another said: “Best sister ever!” while someone else wrote: “I’m the bush.”

Others have requested their own friends and family take note of the idea for their own future proposals.