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If you've ever been the victim of a mugging, you'll know that it can be an unpleasant and traumatic experience.

Even if you have your belongings returned to you, it's unlikely that you'd want to share a coffee with the thief no matter how apologetic they were.

That wasn't the case earlier this week in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada when a local woman apprehended a man who had just stole another woman's purse.

Tess Aboughoushe was heading back to work following a lunch break on Wednesday afternoon when she witnessed a man mugging the other woman in the middle of the street.

Tess, who is a longer-distance runner, heard a scream, saw the man start to run and took off in pursuit.

Speaking to CBCshe said:

I was walking back to my office and crossing the street and a lady calls out, 'Stop. Thief. He took my wallet.'

Just like in the movies, she screams and I see this man start to run. I didn't stop to think or anything. I just kind of took off after the guy.

After chasing the man for two blocks, Tess found him hiding behind a dumpster in an alleyway.

Cautiously she approached him but as she got closer he began to cry and gave her the items back.

She adds:

He came out from behind the dumpster and says, in a conciliatory way, 'Here is the wallet, I can't do this anymore, I'm sorry, just take it, take it.'

So I took the wallet, and the woman caught up soon after. I gave it back to her and he stayed there, apologising a lot.

From there Tess began to walk with the man, brought him a coffee and learnt a bit more about his story.

According to the CBC report, the man was from nearby Calgary but had been left stranded by his friends and was in desperate need of money.

Realising the distress the man was in, Tess showed empathy and pointed him in the direction of the nearest library so he could seek help from social workers.

She did claim to have made a report to the police later that day, but didn't wish to see the man prosecuted.

Tess concludes the story by stating poetically:

You kill more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

I wanted to show him some compassion.

Although this act of bravery is highly admirable, it is advisable to allow police to deal with something like this should you see a similar situation.


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