South African news reporter mugged while cameras were rolling

Just moments before giving a news broadcast to the nation, South African reporter Vuyo Mvoko was mugged in front of the camera.

Standing on a roadside outside Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg yesterday evening, the SABC contributing editor and his crew were approached by a group of armed men.

While they first resisted handing over their valuables, the crew soon handed over mobile phones, laptops and money once it became clear one of the men had a gun.

Fortunately no one was hurt, and while the perpetrators did get away, the police investigation should at least be made easier by the compelling video evidence they are left with.

Speaking of his experience on SABC later in the evening, Mvoko explained his shock that the men had the gall to attack him while the camera was rolling.

This person comes and I'm like 'hey, what's your problem', you know? And then there were all these strangers I didn't know. But I was thinking, who could possibly disturb me while they know we are literally seconds before going on air?

But this guy, he was trying to look for my phone and I wasn't giving him the phone and then he calls the other one who has a gun. So at that point I gave him the phone and he took a laptop.

  • Vuyo Mvoko
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