This woman found a devastating 'pros & cons' list her crush wrote about her and now it's going viral

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There are ups and downs to every aspect of life, especially relationships.

All those insecurities that we have are often more palpable in the early stages of a relationship, putting sense doubt on red alert.

The last thing that you would want from any potential partner is to discover that they have already detailed your traits and personality, weighing up the cons and pros in painful detail.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to Reddit user morlabo, who had her eye on one of her friend's brothers.

After receiving words of encouragement from others she decided to go for it, only to discover an upsetting list about her at his house.

She details the revelation in full in the post below.

You'll probably agree that this was a pretty cruel thing for this guy to do and has more than likely scuppered his chances.

Feeling confused and angry the women reached out to the subreddit r/TwoXChromosomes for advice about what to do next.

The overwhelming consensus was that she should quickly forget about this guy and make an example of him.

Others felt that the presence of the list was very suspicious, and that it reminded them of an episode of Friends.

Some felt that is was a bigger reflection of his character.

As always on the internet, there were some less than helpful comments.

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