An American wrote this Twitter thread on Brexit and it's eye-opening

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It seems like an eternity since the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union took place and the country voted narrowly to Leave.

In that time, we've had a general election in which Theresa May's Brexit-championing Conservative party suffered substantial losses to Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit-championing Labour party.

A thread on Twitter has argued that the UK needs to readdress the reasons under which it is leaving the European Union, and what is the reason for our resentment towards Brussels.

A Twitter user who calls himself 'Steve Analyst', has tweeted the following thread, which has received a fair amount of attention:

Phew, that's a long old thread.

People reacted to the thread a number of different ways - from criticising the politicians that took the UK into the EU in the first place and led the charge on reforms.

Others said this wasn't the question to answer...

Others argued that the debate became a referendum on the UK's immigration policy, and was never about the finer points of EU trade:

Others said the principal argument was about sovereignty, an argument Steve later contested:

Whether you agree with the points he put forward or otherwise, it's an interesting trip down memory lane.

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