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Although the gym can be a really encouraging and inspiring place to get fit, it can also attract some creepy characters.

When a woman named Maddison Westcott from Las Vegas spotted what she thought was a man inappropriately hitting on a woman in a gym she decided to step in.

Maddison saw the man compliment a woman on her leggings followed by an invitation for a date.

After seeing this she approached the woman and pretended to be her friend and asked if she was ready to leave.

However, the man was actually her boyfriend and they were just fooling around like couples do.

The woman in question, Nicoletta, shared the story on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

As the tweet grew in popularity. people began to question whether Maddison had done the right thing or not.

In an attempt to clarify why she had approached Nicoletta, Maddison started a thread of her own where she explained why it is important for women to look out for each other regardless of the scenario.

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