This woman refused to support her sister's 'coming out' party for an unexpected reason

Louis Staples
Thursday 01 August 2019 08:30

A 27 year-old asked Reddit user asked people if she should feel bad for not supporting her sister’s “coming out” party.

Normally, this would be a straight-forward (see what we did there?) answer. Of course she should feel bad. But, in an unexpected turn of events, this coming out narrative has a twist. Halfway through the post, the "non-supportive" sister reveals that her sister is coming out as straight.

Yes, really.

She wrote:

Normally I would have been happy and supportive, but she had been dating the same guy since she was 13, so I was confused.

When she found out that her sister was coming out as straight, she got angry.

I instantly became completely enraged, I thought it was insincere and disingenuous. It just all came across as attention-seeking and stupid.

Surprisingly, when she told her friend, she sided with her sister.

Her best friend immediately got angry with me for not seeing that it was my sister’s job as an LGBTQ+ ally to do her part and destigmatise coming out.

The Redditor then tried to unpack this bizarre reaction.

I know that I am ten years older than her so sometimes I’m not totally ‘with it’. But, this seemed super disrespectful to me for what people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, everything else have to go through.

She said her sister’s idea is that everyone should have a coming out party in their teenage tears so “eventually coming out wouldn’t be such a trauma to those who have ‘alternative sexualities'".

Thankfully, people seemed to agree that this woman is not in the wrong for challenging her sister’s coming out party, however well intentioned it is.

One wrote:

The f*** is this? You can’t ‘come out’ of closet you’ve never been in, especially when you’re ‘coming out’ into the thing that everyone assumes you are anyway. No. This is just ‘I saw coming out parties on Instagram and I WANT ONE TOO’……Ally my ass.

Another responded:

A little push back is probably good for your sister to feel. As an ally, it will give her a better sense how it really feels to come out, because it’s not always a 100% positive experience, even in this day and age.

H/T: Daily Dot

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