Woman shares list of 15 'tips' man sent her on Tinder in order to improve herself

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A Tinder user has shared a horrible message on how to ‘improve’ herself by a man she had gone on a date with.

The unnamed man sent 24-year-old Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford, was left confused and angry after a man she had gone on a single date with three months prior sent her a 3-page list of self-improvement ‘suggestions,’ including losing weight, laughing at his jokes and getting lip fillers.

And you thought the dating scene couldn’t get any worse?

According to LadBible, she’d matched with the man on Tinder and met him at a local coffee shop, and then a restaurant.

Things got awkward when he asked her if she’d consider plastic surgery, and when he showed her his bank balance after she offered to pay for the meal.

Screengrabs of the 15 bullet points he thought was appropriate to send her 12 weeks after the date were uploaded on Kimberley’s Facebook and appalled readers shared it online. He began:

Hello Kimberley, I know we went on a date quite a while ago now but I’d like to explain why I haven’t messaged you. I feel like you could have made the date much better, here’s a few reasons why.

And then he launched into a disgusting list.

First, he attacks her weight and said she’d look “incredible” if she lost a stone. Her skin was next, and he said she was too “pale” and suggested a “bit of fake tan wouldn’t hurt.”

“You have quite big boobs,’ he graciously observed. “You should show off your cleavage more.”

There was also this gem:

You need to wear clothes that suit your figure and maybe update your style slightly. Just so I’m not embarrassed to be seen with you.

And these two statements: “You need to look more natural, stop wearing makeup” followed by “your lips have gone down so you should think of getting more filler. I know you said you regretted it but filler would make you sexier.”

He called her a “prude” for wanting to take things slow, and criticised her decision to order a salad and “full-fat coke.”

Kimberley doesn’t have a sense of humour, he added, because she didn’t laugh at any of his jokes, and she hurt his fragile pride by offering to pay.

He finished the message with:

If you take these on board I might consider another date. I will give you a month and get back in touch to see if this made a difference. Good day to you.

Kimberley told LadBible: "At first I was absolutely mortified and it killed my confidence, but the more I read it the funnier it became."

My only tip for him is to respect women as his behaviour is disgusting.

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