Woman spoiled husband's alleged killer with gifts bought with GoFundMe

Florida college students solve murder dating back to 1988

In 2020, American Airlines manager James Faith was shot seven times and pronounced dead at the scene. After months of investigations, authorities made the shocking discovery that his wife and her former high school sweetheart were allegedly behind the murder plot.

In a sickening turn of events, she used the crowdfunding money to shower the alleged murderer with gifts.

Jennifer Faith and Darrin Lopez rekindled their romance over the pandemic when she admitted to a friend the pair were having an "emotional affair."

According to court documents, Faith used the $60,000 GoFundMe donations to spoil alleged murderer Lopez with lavish gifts, including a Samsung QLED flat-screen TV and plane tickets for him and his daughters. Additionally, she sent Lopez hundreds of dollars via Venmo.

Authorities also noted that her dead husband's $6,500 funeral bill was left unpaid.

Retrieved messages to Lopez also led officials to believe she transferred the funds to her two credit cards. They read: "Here's both of my major CC's. AMEX has no limit and I think the Visa has like $35,000 ... PLEASE don't hesitate to use them for whatever you need, especially when it's stuff for the girls."

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The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith: Sneak

Ahead of Faith pleading guilty, GoFundMe members banded together to provide the widow with financial support. Community member Jennifer Svelan was the person who set up the fundraiser.

"I look at it more as not stealing from GoFundMe but stealing from her family, her friends, her community … people who loved Jamie. That's who she was stealing from," Svelan said.

Luckily, GoFundMe has since reimbursed generous contributors.

Svelan added: "I am thankful that GoFundMe has a policy of not allowing fraud,"

"And when they become aware of situations like this, as they did in this case, they offered full refunds to anyone who had donated to this particular GoFundMe account. All they had to do was ask and fill out a form, and they got their money back."

Despite pleading not guilty and claiming he was manipulated into killing Faith, Lopez was arrested and charged with his murder.

The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith will air April 9 at 10/9c on CBS and streaming on Paramount+.

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