Whether you have a fear of heights, a hatred for queues are just an all round dislike of being bored, flying can be a pain at the best of times.

But for some, it's a whole other level of bad. One woman has taken to Twitter to explain what she goes through when flying - and it isn't pretty.

First, this is what she does to prepare:

But it doesn't end there.

She explains that some policies don't include a refund or rebooking policy.

She adds that she bought a first class seat because she's slightly wider, meaning complaints are "less likely".

She adds that, “the tray table doesn't fit around me. Without a tray table, I can't work for the full six hours. I also won't be able to eat the first class meal that comes with the ticket".

The first time she was complained about, the man next to her complained and was moved to a new seat.

At the end of the thread, the account linked to a longer post, written about the experience on Future Travel.

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