These photos reveal the side of weight loss no one talks about

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Kayla has lost 193lb, but it hasn’t been a smooth ride.

She recently posted a photo on Imgur and wrote:

A lot of you know that I lost 193 lbs over the span of 2 years and most of you asked the question 90% of people ask when they find out how much I've lost.

Here it is, it's ugly but it's the reality of massive weight-loss. Loose skin.

Picture:Picture: Hurleyyy831/Imgur

Kayla writes that most of the excess skin is around her abdomen, as well as her upper chest and arms, and causes back and skin problems.

Picture:Picture: Hurleyyy831/Imgur

The skin affects what she wears, and her plan is to get it removed once she has reduced as much as she can naturally by weight training.

Loose skin changes what should be a 15 minute shower into a 30 minute because it needs it's own care and drying or else it causes infections and other problems.

But she says she wouldn’t change anything:

I would take yards and yards of loose skin over being the unhealthy and depressed person I was 2 years ago!

And people left messages of support:

Not only are you awesome for accomplishing this, but you've raised the bar by posting here and being totally upfront. Just winning.

- BattleGoose

In the same boat as you. 172 lbs gone and excess skin, you, I'll never go back or regret it for a second. Way to go.

- Drunkenspunkenchicken

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