The map of the world according to women in parliament


Women of the world, unite.

Women's suffrage is still not a universal thing.

In countries which do elect the members of their legislature women rarely make up 40 per cent of the members, despite being at least 50 per cent of the world's population.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union has compiled data on the number of women elected to parliaments, dumas, congresses, chambers of deputies, and legislative assemblies around the world, based on the results of their elections.

The United Kingdom came 47th, based on the number of women elected at the 2015 general election (195). Since then, six women have won by-elections, replacing five men.

World rankings, mapped.

These are the 10 parliaments with the greatest representation of women.

And these are the most male dominated parliaments:

Just looking at the proportion of the lower house or unicameral forms of legislature shows the world has a long way to go before those at the top of the ranked list get too self righteous.

Only Rwanda and Bolivia have lower houses of parliament where more than 50 per cent of the chamber are female deputies. Belgium has the highest representation for an upper chamber, with exactly 50 per cent.

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