Woman sets world record after skipping haircuts for 33 years

Woman sets world record after skipping haircuts for 33 years
Is the mullet making a comeback?
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A woman has broken a record for growing the longest female mullet, after going 33 years without a haircut

Tami Manis, 58, from Tennessee told the Guinness world records in an interview that she has been growing her hair since February 1990.

"It was the eighties and everybody had a rat tail and I started growing mine," the public health nurse explained. "Over the years it just kept growing so I've kept it," she said.

It now measures an impressive 5ft 8in (172.7cm) - which is "longer than I am tall," she said.

Longest Competitive Mullet

Manis said her hair triggers interesting conversations and that sometimes people who have met her years ago recognise her because of it.

To keep it in good nick, Manis said she said she washes her mullet with products from the manufacturer Hask, including shampoo and conditioner with argan oil in it. She dries it with paper towels and braids it once a week.

She also has to tuck it into her jeans when she goes for rides on her motorbike so it doesn't go astray.

Winning the record thrilled her. “When I opened it, I thought, ‘This is amazing,’” she said.

It certainly is something.

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