8-year-old known as 'Mullet Boy' wins 2022 USA Mullet Championship

8-year-old known as 'Mullet Boy' wins 2022 USA Mullet Championship
Wisconsin boy advances in USA Mullet Championship

Emmitt Bailey, an 8-year-old known as "Mullet Boy," has won the kids division of the 2022 USA Mullet Championships.

On Sunday (21 August), Bailey, from Menomonie, Wisconsin, beat out 688 other young contestants, winning the competition with 9,896 votes.

The child's father, Eric Bailey, spoke withFox9 about the win, emphasising that the win is "cool."

"I think it's cool. I really do. Some of the coolest people in the world, athletes and rock stars, they have mullets, so I mean, it's pretty cool," he told the outlet.

Emmitt also spoke about his win to BuzzFeed News, calling it "awesome."

"It's cool that so many people tell you that you got sweet hair," he said.

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Emmitt also revealed that he spent the past year mastering his look after missing the competition's entry deadline last year.

In a report from New York Post, his dad said that he was happy to see that his son made the cut, given that it was in support of charity.

The $10 entry fee into the contest will go towards the Michigan Wig Foundation for kids.

The father and son also advised those who wanted to join the mullet-heads.

"It does take some time to grow because this is two years in the making to get this one, but have fun with it," Emmitt's dad said.

The 8-year-old won a pair of Pit Viper sunnies as a first-place winner, alongside a $2,500 cash prize.

His dad said that he wanted to buy a go-kart with the award.

The mullet competition has been around since 2020. The championship is also divided into numerous categories, including teens, kids, mens and "femullets," which are female mullets.

"This business-in-the-front, the party-in-the-back style has been around way before it was popularized by actors and rock stars in the 1980s," the website read.

It continued: "According to some historians, the mullet has been around since at least Ancient Greece, where the style was as much for function as it was for fashion."

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