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Strong multitasking.

Johnny Ward is 33-years-old, a millionaire, and he has travelled to all 197 countries on Earth.

Many people reject the idea of dropping out of the rat race to travel because of lack of funds.

Instagram might have you believe world travel is only for trustafarians, but Ward reportedly began his 10 year trip on a shoestring budget.

According to Fortune Ward did not even have enough cash for his plane ticket when he set out, so he undertook paid medical experiments at a hospital in Ireland.

Like most world travellers in the internet age, Ward blogged the trip, and it was in this crowded field that he made his millions.

Ward turned his successful blog into a media brand, and earned advertising revenue from the over 100 websites under the brand's umbrella.

The idea behind his original 'onestepforward' blog was it taught users how to create their own travel blog.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Ward said building up the blog and the brand took hours of dedication.

I’ve had to be diligent enough to take out my laptop and work in the evenings when I was in Mongolia, or Kazakhstan, or Ethiopia. 

Those were the tough times, putting the work in while I was actively travelling, not knowing if it would pay off or not.

In March Ward completed his trip. The 197th country was Norway.

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