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A large number of British people are worried that another world war is likely within the next 40 years, a new survey by YouGov has found.

When asked whether they believed another world war was likely in this time frame, 57 per cent of respondents agreed, whereas only 26 per cent said they thought it was unlikely. Of those 1,661 British adults asked: 17 per cent said they did not know.

Leave voters were only slightly more likely to think a world war would be likely, than Remain voters.

Liberal Democrat and Ukip supporters were also slightly more likely to believe another World War could occur in the next 40 years.

Scottish people were least likely to believe in the prospect of another World War, with 11 per cent thinking it very likely and 37 per cent thinking it somewhat likely.

Four per cent of respondents indictated that they would like to fight in a war and 42 per cent said that war could be justifiable, compared to 39 per cent who said it could not be.

The majority (53 per cent) said that war was a human invention.

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