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Russia Today has called out the Daily Star and the Daily Mail for creating a panic about World War Three.

The state funded broadcaster Russia Today (RT) accused the British national papers of relying on an "unconfirmed report on a regional news site" to suggest that Russian president Vladimir Putin had ordered the families of Russians be flown home.

The implication being that some form of military strike, possibly nuclear, was imminent.

RT said this:

An unconfirmed report in a regional news site appears to be enough for British tabloids to remind readers how ‘Big Bad Vlad’ secretly wants to nuke them.

The Daily Mail was also chastised for being overzealous with its war reporting about 'big bad Vlad'.

OK, tweeting a photo of a tank is a bit of a leading choice.

Oh come on!

The Daily Star headline read:

Russia ‘urgently recalls officials’ families living abroad’ as WW3 threat looms

And the article was accompanied with this image.

Picture: Picture: The Daily Star

According to RT, the original story came from a Urals based news site Znak.com.

While this may constitute an exaggeration, RT might want to check it's own record for over-egging the Vladimir Puddin'.

On Wednesday, Dmitry Kiselyov, a news reporter and Putin's appointed head of state news, threatened the US with 'nuclear' implications live on air.

He was speaking on his weekly current affairs programme Vesti Nedeli (News of the Week) when he made the remarks.

Kiselyov said the "impudent behaviour" of the US could have "nuclear implications".


RT are definitely right, the Daily Star's story was more irresponsible than a journalist-come-spin-doctor threatening nuclear deployment.

Amongst all this scaremongering on both sides, there's been only one thing the Russian embassy has genuinely warned about: clown attacks.

No one is safe.

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