The world's first airbag jeans for motorcyclists are here – and they're something

The world's first airbag jeans for motorcyclists are here – and they're something
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The world's first 'airbag jeans' have been released – and they're certainly something.

For £420 ($500), motorcyclists can now be safe and chic while sporting the strongest denim on the planet that activates if the rider falls from their bike.

The trigger mechanism is a tether connecting the garment to the motorcycle. A replaceable CO2 cartridge is activated and the protective air cushion is instantly deployed.

Swedish company Airbag Inside says the Armalith denim offers a single-layer fabric for handling the abrasion forces, while the airbag handles the impact forces.

The makers claim they have tested the Mo’cycle brand jeans at speeds of up to 70kph, with only minimal abrasion to the fabric.

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They explain: "The airbag covers new areas on the lower body, areas previously unprotected from impact hits, such as the thighs, the rear part of the body and especially the tailbone.

"To protect the spinal column’s first bone with airbag technology is ground-breaking because spinal column injuries are the ones paralysing motorcycle riders.

"The Airbag Jeans reduce the risk of injuries, are as comfortable as any other pants and are 100 per cent reusable."


The online launch will be made on the crowdfunding platform where everyday motorcycle riders and retailers can pre-order the product at wholesale prices.

The Airbag jeans are invented by Moses Shahrivar, founder of the Swedish fashion tech. company Airbag Inside Sweden AB with its trademark Mo’cycle.

The first motorcycle jeans Moses designed in 2005 were a Kevlar and leather-lined jean.

The Airbag jeans will be launched on 28 February through the crowdfunding platform indiegogo for delivery in Summer 2023.

Credit: SWNS.

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