We all enjoyed watching TV show Mad Men, which gave a sneak peek back in time to when women were considered as either wife material or secretary material.

But it would seem Vestra Inet, a Canadian web development company, is trying to recreate that old fashioned era via a job ad on LinkedIn which has got some people pretty irate.

The advert, which is for a "Content Writer and SEO Specialist", had an interesting added note, reading:

Please note that the Position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred.

Because receptionist = woman, obviously.

Commenters on LinkedIn expressed anger below the job ad, with Jessica Oman writing: 

Disgusting, outdated, illegal...this company should be embarrassed to have even considered stating a preference for female candidates.

The advert soon spread to Twitter, where users also shared their dismay at the outdated request:

i100.co.uk has approached Vestra Inet for comment and will update this article accordingly

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