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Anthony Joshua has been accused of sexism after comments he made about his son and niece were re-discovered online.

In the March 2017 issue of GQ magazine, Joshua was asked about his fathering style. He admitted that he’s not as strict with his son as he is with his niece because of their genders. He said:

I don’t think I’m that strict with Joseph, I don’t know why.

But with my niece I’m strict. I think it is because she is older, but also he’s a boy – he’s going to be a man’s man, he’ll want to spread his wings, be a Jack-the-lad, build his character.  But I’m sure there are things I will be strict about.

But with my niece, there is none of that Jack-the-lad nonsense for her!

My view is you have to be a good woman, respectful, one day you will be someone’s wife, you have to learn family morals…what it is to be a good woman. 

His comments were problematic for lots of reasons, and people online painstakingly pointed out each one:

Mainly it was the strange constrast he created between his son “building character”, while his niece will be “someone’s wife”

Kelechi Okafor brilliantly articulated the biggest issues with his comments. Like that he's implying women don't need to build character.

And reinforcing gender stereotypes we thought we'd left behind in the 20th century...

And it implying we ought to make excuses for the bad behaviour of men...

One person pointed out that the wider problem was systemic sexism, and the way men are taught to view women.

People also defended Joshua, and accused “feminists” of making an issue out of nothing simply because he “wants his niece to be a respectful woman in the future”.

Many of these people have evidently entirely missed the point.

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