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No one ever actually reads Apple’s terms and conditions before clicking 'ok'. Ever.

Eddie Izzard once joked that even the lawyers probably didn't read.

You could be signing anything away really, but you just want the new version of iTunes straight away, so you don’t even look at it and just tick the ‘accept’ box.

We can’t really be blamed though, can we? That endless wall of text is sooooo dull.

But what if they put it in a more interesting form? Like maybe, a comic strip?

It's time to give heaps praise to talented cartoonist R Sikoroyak, who has illustrated all 96 pages of the iTunes Terms and Conditions document, word for word, in the style of various classic cartoon strips.

Here it in the style of Peanuts.


Adventure Time

Calvin and Hobbes


Hyperbole and a Half

Tin Tin

50s romance comics


The Smurfs


Scott Pilgrim

The Simpsons

Sikoryak originally put the strips on Tumblr, but they have now been coloured and published in a real book.

Picture: Drawn & Quarterly

Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel is available from Drawn & Quarterly in March

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