Zac Goldsmith spectacularly fails to understand football

Zac Goldsmith may be 20 points behind Sadiq Khan in the contest to become London's mayor, but that's not going to stop him from doing every thing he can to damage his chances even further.

Speaking on LBC on Tuesday morning about Thursday's election, the Tory candidate said he is

...hoping to do a bit of a Leicester City, zoom in from behind and win.

While the Foxes' Premier League victory has been rightly described as a "fairy tale", even a complete football novice like me knows that Leicester have been top of the league for 101 consecutive days now. Which is hardly a "zoom in".

And maybe not the best analogy when you've been polling badly for the last five months.

As host Nick Ferarri retorted:

The polls say you’re Aston Villa, not Leicester.

Ouch. Goldsmith also couldn't name a single Bollywood actor or film when asked over the weekend despite proclaiming his love for the genre.

You can listen to Goldsmith's latest display of chronic foot-in-mouth syndrome below:

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