Zoo director warns animals may have to be 'euthanised' and fed to each other for survival

A zoo director is Germany has revealed she is having to consider the tragic possibility of having to sacrifice some animals in order to feed them to others.

Because Neumünster Zoo is owned by an association, it is not entitled to government funding, yet according to the BBC, Germany's national zoo association estimates that lockdown is costing a typical German zoo about €500,000 weekly in lost turnover.

Unlike other businesses, the zoo can't really just cut costs, as animals still need to be fed.

But if it runs out of money, difficult decisions will have to be made.

Zoo director Verena Kaspari told German newspaper Die Welt:

If it comes to it, I'll have to euthanise animals, rather than let them starve.

We've listed the animals we'll have to slaughter first​. 

She said that this was a "last resort", but that it is possible that some animals will have to be fed to others.

Although even that would not necessarily solve their financial problems – seals and penguins for example need to be fed large quantities of fresh fish every day.

Germany's zoos are now appealing for donations to the public, and asking the government for €100m in aid.

The fact that zoos are devoid of visitors is also impacting the emotional wellbeing of the animals, which are used to being surrounded by humans.

Animals such as pandas, parrots and apes are feeling especially bereft of human contact, according to zookeepers.

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