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"My teacher said I’d never make it – now I earn more than him doing the splits on OnlyFans"

"My teacher said I’d never make it – now I earn more than him doing the splits on OnlyFans"
Dancer makes thousands on OnlyFans after being told she'd never make it

My teacher said I’d never make it as a dancer – now I earn more than him doing the SPLITS on OnlyFans'

A professional dancer quit her “competitive and catty” training programme for OnlyFans and now earns more than her teacher – after he said she’d “never make it”.

As a child, Sasha Splits dreamt of performing on stage but her ambitions were crushed by cruel classmates and instructors who would constantly put her down.

Unlike the “rich students” whose parents “bankrolled” their education, the 19-year-old was forced to work odd hours at bars to pay for her tuition – but soon found herself deep in debt, owing $50,000 in school fees and credit card bills. In 2020, after hearing about OnlyFans, she decided to launch an at-first anonymous account to make some extra cash.

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Months later, Sasha was rolling in the dough and to date has made over $2m (USD), getting the ultimate revenge on those who ever doubted her. And her fortune is all thanks to her natural “bendiness” and ability to do the splits.

“I’ve always been naturally bendy,” Sasha, who has over 100 million views on TikTok (@sashasplitz) told “My mum says I was a hyper child and kept her on her toes and dance was a good release for my energy.

Jam Press/@sashasplitz

“I dreamed of being on stage but the dancing community was so toxic. “My tuition was expensive and I wasn’t bankrolled by my parents like a lot of the rich students. “I worked in a bar for extra cash but it wasn’t enough, and I started using credit cards to cover my debt. “OnlyFans saved me and I used my flexibility to stand out.”

For Sasha, the adult site also became a haven of like-minded, friendly people who built her up – unlike her fellow classmates, who tried to “tear her down” at every turn.

The ex-performing arts student from Toronto, Canada, said: “I was failed by a professor who was always hard on me and told me I didn’t have what it takes to make it.

“And my classmates were horrible – it was so competitive and backstabbing was common. “I chose to quit college rather than go back to that catty environment.

“I am now earning more than that professor or any of those dancers can dream.” She said: “After the way I’d been treated, especially as a woman of colour, I found such a great community on OnlyFans who wanted to build me up.

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“Other women gave me tips and tricks, which helped me make big money fast. In my first month, I made $10,000. I couldn’t believe it. After six months I had paid off all my debt and had money left over in savings.”

With the money steadily rolling in, the ex-performing arts student made a big decision: to show her face. And it’s been a lucrative decision, with the model now pulling in six figures per month regularly, which Sasha believes is partly due to her bendy skills but also her “dancer’s drive”.

The model, who lives with her Maltese Yorkie Terrier, Milani, said: “I apply a dancer’s drive to my OnlyFans. “I work seven days a week, I don’t let the practice and the discipline go – stretching, doing yoga and ballet constantly.

Jam Press/@sergey_yusin

“I’m a professional, the moves I hold can’t be duplicated, my training and skills help me to stand out. I can be upside down in the splits, not everyone can do that. Men love to see me turn myself into a pretzel for them.”

While Sasha enjoys splashing her money on luxury travel and expensive beauty upkeep, she also plans to invest some of her earnings to help others by opening a community dance school accessible to disadvantaged students.

She added: “It's been my dream to inspire others and help them on their journey. “Dance can keep young people out of trouble because it takes such time and dedication.

”I’d also love to buy my mum a house one day. I’m doing better than I ever imagined. I went to school thinking I’d always be in this competitive environment working job to job and praying for my big break but now I’m a businesswoman. Even though I’m not on stage, I’m still the determined dancer craving connection from the people around me and I’m so grateful to have found a way to have both on OnlyFans.”

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