Alistair Campbell says local elections show public 'revulsion' at Boris Johnson and government

Alistair Campbell says local elections show public 'revulsion' at Boris Johnson and ...

Alistair Campbell has reacted the local election results so far and said they show just how much the public are turning against Boris Johnson's government.

Speaking to Sky News, Tony Blair's former communications boss said the Tories losing key London seats was "extraordinary" and showed public "revulsion" at the PM.

"I think there is this sense of people really feeling a sense of revulsion at this government under Boris Johnson," he said.

"He's delivered next to nothing... I don't think Boris Johnson can get re-elected as prime minister. I think the country has decided that and it's up to the Conservative party to decide whether they are actually going to act on that."

It comes on a difficult morning for the Tories as people wake up to the news that they have lost key seats across the country. Local Conservative leaders called on Johnson to “take a good, strong look in the mirror”, while former No 10 chief of staff Lord Gavin Barwell called the defeats “catastrophic.”

At the time of writing, England has returned results in 75 out of 200 local authorities.

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Take a look at what Campbell had to say here:

Looks like time might be running out for Johnson...

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