Cop26: Alok Sharma roasted after claiming he is known as ‘no drama Sharma’

Cop26: Alok Sharma roasted after claiming he is known as ‘no drama Sharma’

Alok Sharma has left people cringing by claiming he is known as “no drama Sharma”.

Speaking at a Cop26 press conference, the Tory minister and president of the conference unveiled his new nickname after he was asked about the progress of climate change agreements and questioned on whether he was trying to cause a moment of drama by pushing deals to tomorrow.

“I think people have sometimes described me as no drama Sharma,” he replied.

He added that the negotiating team is trying “to push this process forward”.

Although “quite a lot has been achieved”, he says “we are still some way away from finalising those very critical issues that have been outstanding”.

“We can’t overemphasise how difficult this is,” he added.

When politicians try and soft launch a personality or sense of humour it never really goes down well because, while they are people like you or I, they are also politicians and one of the occupational hazards that comes with the job is becoming totally cringy.

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And people said as much:

Elsewhere at the conference today, Sharma urged countries to “step up” in terms of funding poorer countries to meet climate goals.

Celebrating the pledges that have been signed, he said “significant” work had been done but called on countries to do more.

“But we are not there yet,” he added. “There is still a lot more work to be done... I’d like to address the critical need to step up efforts today to get to where we need to be to realise substantive outcomes on finance.”

But “no drama Sharma” is surely the line that will stick out.

Ah well, at least Sharma has given himself ample opportunities for future rebrands. We look forward to seeing farmer Sharma put his money where his mouth is and plant some sustainable climate friendly foods; we look forward to him going to a yoga class and coming out as calmer Sharma; and we very much hope he has done enough at this conference to safely say he has good karma, Sharma.

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