Labour MP Ben Bradshaw criticised for ‘fat shaming’ after saying Boris Johnson has ‘put on weight’

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw criticised for ‘fat shaming’ after saying Boris Johnson has ‘put on weight’

A Labour MP has been criticised after he remarked on prime minister Boris Johnson’s weight.

In response to a widely-criticised photo of the PM walking through a hospital yesterday without a mask, Ben Bradshaw, the MP for Exeter, took a rather different line of attack from those questioning whether Johnson had followed coronavirus guidance, and opted to comment on his appearance instead, saying:

“He's also put on weight again.”

Johnson was visiting Hexham General Hospital in Northumberland on Monday to promote booster jabs. But he was criticised for doing so because he was seen elbow-bumping and greeting nurses who were - unlike him - wearing disposable face coverings.

The timing of his visit raised eyebrows given it coinciding with a parliament debate on Tory sleaze and corruption. Number 10 insisted the PM had followed all coronavirus rules, while ministers defended his no-show at the debate.

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Meanwhile, it comes amid a renewed debate about the way in which we treat our politicians following the killing of Sir David Amess and the government’s online safety bill which seeks - in part - to tackle lawful but harmful content published online.

It also comes after Johnson celebrated his losing weight earlier this year, after medics advised him to do so when he was hospitalised with coronavirus.

In a video posted to Twitter in March, Johnson said he is “doing all I can to lose weight”, which has involved early-morning runs and fewer carbohydrates, avoiding chocolate and steering clear of “late-night cheese” snacks.

He had previously blamed his weight for the severity of his brush with the virus, telling press in 2020 that he “was too fat” and since then he had lost 26 pounds.

Reacting to Bradshaw’s statement, people - including some of Johnson’s biggest critics - thought it was uncalled for:

Indy100 has contacted Bradshaw to comment on this story.

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