Joe Biden picking a flower for Jill draws contrasts with Trump and Melania’s affections towards each other

A sweet video of president Biden picking up a dandelion for the first lady, Jill Biden has gone viral and got people comparing it to Melania Trump’s many seemingly negative reactions to her husband and former president, Donald Trump.

In an impromptu display of affection, Joe Biden paused to pick a dandelion for Dr. Jill Biden on their way to they board Marine One to travel to Georgia.

They were travelling to Atlanta to hold a rally to mark 100 days in office and pitch the administration’s next spending bill, along with meeting former president, Jimmy Carter.

The gesture soon became a talking point on social media, with people comparing Biden’s romantic gesture to the lack of affection between the former first lady, Melania Trump had towards her husband.

A video of the two couples have been edited together online that show Melania swatting Donald’s hand away and rebuffing his advances - and it’s very telling.

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Throughout the Trump administration there were several similar instances of Melania rejecting Donald.

The final presidential debate:


At the final presidential debate in October 2020, the cameras caught a moment where Melania pulled away from holding Donald’s hand. Donald, aware that the cameras were still on them, gave her a slight nudge on the back before giving up and walking away.

State trip to Israel:

On a state trip to Israel, a video of Melania walking behind Donald when he turns back and reaches out for her hand, she quickly takes a look at his hand, then flicks it away.

Departing Air Force One:

When exiting Air Force One Melania pulls away her hand to hold her dress as they walk down the stairs. Donald awkwardly attempts several times at try to hold her hand again before giving up.

Others have also commented on the stark contrast between the two.

In other news, there have been calls on social media for Dr. Biden to restore the Jackie Kennedy Rose Garden after it went under a dramatic makeover under the orders of Melania Trump when she was the first lady.

A petition named “Restore Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden” has been created on Change.org and has over 50,000 signatures.

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