Boris Johnson’s furious rant during PMQs has become a hilarious meme

Boris Johnson’s furious rant during PMQs has become a hilarious meme

Anyone who had the pleasure of tuning into PMQs today will know that Boris Johnson well and truly lost the plot.

Up against questioning from Starmer about the controversy surround funding of his Downing Street flat and the alleged comments he made about “bodies piling high” during the pandemic, he unravelled in real-time.

Before we knew it - he was frothing about how great Brexit has been, pointing the finger at Starmer and shouting so loudly his microphone crackled. This went on for nearly two minutes.

Yes, Boris Johnson lost his temper all right, and if he thought he could so without evoking the derision of those on social media, he thought wrong.

In fact, the heated moment from the PM quickly went viral and inevitably became a meme.

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Here’s a round-up of some of the memes from the moment that Boris Johnson went from ‘loveable buffoon’ to shouting toddler:

It was very similar to the woman yelling a cat meme from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

He was also compared to football manager Kevin Keegan (by Starmer’s own team) and his famous rant against Sir Alex Ferguson at the height of the Newcastle and Manchester United rivalry in the mid-1990s:

Overall not the best performance from Johnson week. We’ll see if he calms down next Wednesday.

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