Babysitter discovered cameras in her boyfriend’s relative’s house and it sparked a whole debate

One babysitter raises privacy concerns over home cameras
One babysitter raises privacy concerns over home cameras
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While home cameras have become a key piece of security technology for some people, they can also be extremely invasive. When a babysitter discovered cameras in her boyfriend’s relatives’ house while baby-sitting their child - she asked Reddit whether she was wrong for complaining to her boyfriend about it.

Posted by u/jonesbbqqq on Monday, the babysitter mentioned she was not informed about the cameras before babysitting and that the baby’s parents said it’s within their rights to record anyone in their house. She added she “had no clue” about the cameras and has changed clothes multiple times in front of them.

The babysitter also mentioned she should’ve been informed by the parents prior to babysitting as it raises privacy concerns.

“But I also believe I deserve privacy OR I should at least be made aware that I am being watched. I have no clue if they’re on, if they’re being checked, or if there’s more somewhere else. I brought it up to my boyfriend and his mom called the baby’s mom(my boyfriends aunt) and apparently got mad at her,” the woman wrote on Reddit.

When she voiced her concerns to her boyfriend, the babysitter said her boyfriend’s father grew enraged.

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“The father then came home unexpectedly and absolutely ripped me a new one for telling my boyfriend I was uncomfortable. He started telling me the cameras didn’t work, but I told him it turns on every time i walk in so I know it’s on. Then told me they don’t even have time to check them, and then he also said it was actually so their neighbor can watch him, not them. “

Users sided with the babysitter on Reddit, agreeing that the parents mishandled this situation.

“That’s shady as hell not making you aware of the cameras and worrying that you unknowingly changed in front of them. His violent reaction was worrying too. This house is full of red flags, leave and don’t go back,” one user wrote.

“While it does make sense to have cameras watching a babysitter just in case, you should have been notified. Kinda seems like he might have been watching you and now that he’s been caught he’s making excuses. I would consider quitting this babysitting job if i was you,” wrote another,” added another.

We agree with the babysitter on this one. No one should secretly be filming anyone, and if they are, that’s definitely a violation of privacy.

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