Couple discovers entire hidden bathroom while renovating their house

Couple discovers entire hidden bathroom while renovating their house
Photo courtesy of @mia_bug/TikTok

Typically, buying a new house or apartment and renovating it to your liking is a normal part of adulting.

However, when one couple decided to do some renovations of their own in their home, they were shocked.

A video from mother and TikToker Mia, (who goes by @miabug on the platform) revealed how she and her partner discovered a hidden bathroom in their new home after knocking down a wall.

A couple discovers a hidden bathroom in their newly bought home

In the video, captioned “Renovation finds...why 😫,”  Mia’s partner is seen standing on top of a toilet using a tool to break down the wall with the song Oh No by Kreepa playing expertly in the background.

The couple recently bought their first home in the state of Oklahoma and have actively documented the efforts to renovate the home online.  With that, they decided to knock down a drain that was boarded up in the house, but they ended up finding a walk-in shower that was covered in brown tile and an intact soap dish, with a considerable mess on the floor.

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A couple discovers a hidden bathroom in their newly bought home

The fascinating story garnered over 1.6 million views on TikTok.

In a follow-up video, the couple stated the following: “We were in search of our new home and had a budget of $150,000, which is really hard in this market.”

They also understood that they would have to do some work of their own when the seller sold them the house.

The intact soap dish

"The seller told us that it was closed off because it was a leaking drain pan and that it was a small fix, wasn’t going to cost much to fix, but they just didn’t have the time or energy to do it, so they covered it up,” the couple said.

Also, they were just as surprised as the viewers were to uncover the hidden gem of a bathroom, saying: “we were not expecting that at all. We were expecting just a leaking drain pan."

One viewer thought that they were going to see the boogie man when they knocked down the wall. “I thought it was going to be a jump scare, so I held my breath and titled my phone up.”

Another person pointed out the style of the bathroom doors. “ Can we talk about the saloon doors into the bathroom,” in which Mia responded to the comment saying that “is coming off very soon.”

A third responded with, “That’s an incredible find right there.”

Others also pointed out that since this discovery, they have a bigger bathroom than expected, which is always cool.

“That’s great instead a half, you now have a full bath! The value is going to increase,” read a comment.

Cheers to discovering hidden treasures!

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