Boris Johnson decks out Downing Street in a LOT of England flags – and is duly roasted

Britain's Boris Johnson at Downing Street with flags ahead of the Euro 2020 final

Boris Johnson at Downing Street posing with England flags ahead of the Euro 2020 final


Boris Johnson really has gone all out ahead of England’s Euro 2020 final game tomorrow. The prime minister, who has become increasingly vocal in his support for the Three Lions as the tournament has gone on, has decked out Downing Street in what can only be described as, well, flags galore.

Of course, some people are loving how much the PM is getting behind the men’s team – but others couldn’t help but mock Johnson and his decorations, particularly after a slightly chaotic behind-the-scenes clip of the photo op was released.

In the clip, Johnson appears in jolly spirits as he poses outside Number 10 while holding an England flag with his thumbs up and says: “Here we go, come on England.”

But Johnson clearly struggles to keep the flag under control as strong winds interfere with his photo op.

When he eventually gets a hold of the flag, the wind has other ideas and lifts it to obscure the words “England” in the centre.

A photographer can be heard telling him: “We can’t see England!”. Nevertheless, they were able to get the shots they wanted.

In the background, the exterior of Downing Street can be seen covered with England flag bunting, which hangs across the railings and over the famous door. Two large England flags can also be seen draped over the two windows.

People took to Twitter to mock Johnson’s decorations and his feeble attempts to hold a flag.

Several people were unimpressed with the decoration efforts, suggesting that it looked like Johnson had done a last minute dash to Poundland, which began trending on Twitter.

Meanwhile, some people noticed that the decorations look awfully familiar... and that would be because satirical artist Christopher Spencer – otherwise known as “Cold War Steve” – created a similar photo.

Perhaps, this is where Johnson got his decor inspo?

Except, in Spencer’s image, Johnson, government minister Michael Gove and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock are depicted jogging away from Downing Street, completely naked...

Elsewhere, others described Johnson’s move as “gesture politics” which they claimed was an attempt to appease and distract the public.

It’s worth noting that Johnson previously made a comment saying “I don’t believe in gestures”, in reference to taking the knee to protest against racism.

Some people also highlighted the fact that Johnson is the Prime Minister of the UK – not just England – and questioned why he didn’t show the same excitement for games involving Scotland or Wales.

Some have also joked that England will lose now because of Johnson’s decorative fanfare.

We’ll find out if Johnson’s flag display will bring any luck – good or bad – tomorrow night when England play Italy in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium at 8pm.

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