Boris Johnson says late Queen once asked him if he was ‘naked’ after bizarre nightmare

Boris Johnson says late Queen once asked him if he was ‘naked’ after bizarre nightmare

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If you thought former prime minister Boris Johnson’s speeches were weird, his latest column for the Daily Mail has revealed his nightmares are just as unusual – with one of them concerning running late for a meeting with the Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Although it was perhaps the monarch’s response which was the most bizarre, as the ex-Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP claims she replied with the question, “were you naked”, implying she had heard of this nightmare before.

Mr Johnson wrote: “It was because of her humanity and sympathy that you felt, as PM, that you could really open up to her, tell her absolutely everything, so that the audiences were a mixture between a tutorial and a confessional, with a bit of unpaid psychotherapy thrown in.

“I once told her I had a nightmare that I had been late for her and the duke.

“’Oh yes,’ she beamed, and I could tell that she had heard this one before, probably from other PMs. ‘Were you naked?’ she asked, because it turns out that is a common feature of such dreams.”

Interestingly – and perhaps unsurprisingly, given his political history – Mr Johnson doesn’t answer that question in his piece.

He also didn’t mention the fact that he was once accused of lying to the Queen about proroguing parliament – something he denies - but that probably would have ruined the sentimentality of the piece.

In other anecdotes shared by the ex-mayor of London, the Queen once let him exercise in the gardens of Buckingham Palace gardens, broke the news to him that an F-35 fighter had blown a gasket on an aircraft carrier, and helped distract his child when he interrupted an evening gathering with his hair “looking pretty manic”.

Runs in the family, then.

The column comes a week before the first anniversary of the Queen’s passing at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on 8 September last year.

Just two days prior, Mr Johnson had met the royal to tender his resignation as PM, following a string of scandals including the infamous Partygate affair.

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