Boris Johnson had to swear on a Bible and people had a field day

Boris Johnson swears to tell truth with hand on bible

The Boris Johnson committee showdown got off to a very strange start on Wednesday afternoon, after the former PM was forced to swear on a Bible that he was telling the truth.

The 58-year-old is appearing in front of a committee of MPs investigating whether he lied to the House of Commons over the Partygate scandal.

Johnson began the hearing by saying “hand on heart I did not lie to the House”. The former leader insisted there was “no evidence” he intentionally misled parliament, and his statements on Partygate were made in "good faith".

He told the committee: “I’m here to say to you, hand on heart, that I did not lie to the House. When those statements were made in good faith and on the basis of what I honestly knew and believed at the time.”

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However, the sight of him appearing in front of MPs investigating whether he lied to the House of Commons, promising that he wouldn’t lie by holding a bible, was a lot for people to take in.

People were lightning quick on the draw with memes and reactions, as the bizarre images of the trial were proliferated all over the internet on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking on Wednesday, the ex-PM said the committee had “found nothing to show that I was warned in advance that events in No 10 were illegal”, adding: “In fact, nothing that anyone raised anxieties with me about any event, whether before or after it had taken place.”

If the committee MPs find against him, they will decide a punishment, which could be a written apology, docking of salary or suspension from the Commons for a specific period.

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