Brexit debate erupts after journalist points out basic fact about Ukraine

Brexit debate erupts after journalist says food shortages aren't affecting Ukraine

A tense Brexit debate happened on TalkTV yesterday when a journalist said food shortages weren't impacting war torn Ukraine.

Caolan Robertson discussed recent supermarket shortages that have caused four UK supermarkets to implement rations.

He said the shortages were happening due to Brexit and weren't happening in other European countries like France.

Presenter James Max shouted "no, no, no" as Robertson continued his point and said it was easier to get tomatoes in Ukraine, where he was being interviewed from.

He said he had spoken to farmers who agreed and Max cut him off, saying it was "a conversation not a diatribe from you".

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"Even the most hardened Remoaners do not blame Brexit," Max said.

"Everyone that understands what is going on has blamed Brexit for this," Robertson replied and mentioned farmers and the former head of Sainsbury's, Justin King, who this week blamed Brexit for food shortages.

Max blamed "bad weather and transport problems". "You and your boring Remoaning nonsense have to stop," he added.

While weather and the increased cost of energy due to the war in Ukraine have impacted the shortages, some industry leaders have indeed blamed Brexit for creating labour shortages.

When this was discussed in parliament yesterday, Defra secretary Therese Coffey could barely think of a response.

Hope everyone is happy with what they voted for.

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