Supermarket shortages: We were all warned about food issues almost a year ago

Brexit to blame for food shortages in Britain, chair of Save British …

Warnings were issued, about the kind of food shortages we are seeing in supermarkets now, almost a year ago.

Four supermarkets, Tesco, Asda, Aldi and Morrisons are currently rationing supplies to customers after poor weather, labour shortages caused by Brexit, and the rising costs of energy thanks to the war in Ukraine have impacted supply.

But industry experts saw this coming almost a year ago - though mainly because of the rising costs of fertiliser, fuel and feed - and not the weather.

One farmer in Snowdonia, north Wales, told GB News in April 2022: “We’re sleepwalking into food shortages and that’s a fact.”

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Gareth Wyn Jones added: “I could take you to ten farms in the surrounding area now that are turning down their production - chicken farmers, egg producers, milk producers, even beef and lamb because feed prices are going through the roof.

“We’ve got absolutely ridiculous fertiliser prices and we can’t forget that half the food produced in this world comes from artificial fertiliser.”

At the time, fertiliser prices had broken new records last month due in part to reduced supplies from Russia, disruptions to the supply chain, and a Chinese export ban. This was all reported in the Independent.

Now we are seeing the impact of the issues we were warned about.

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