Labour MP sums up everything wrong with the Tories in 75 seconds

Labour MP sums up everything wrong with the Tories in 75 seconds
Labour MP says 'the level of incompetence and waste' during Tory years …

A Labour MP has just summed up how bad the Tories are for Britain in just over a minute.

Speaking on Politics Live, Chris Bryant railed against the Tories' record on the NHS, Covid and the economy and said they "broke" the country.

He said: "I have a real sense of anger when I hear people say mistakes have been made. It's a weasel term.

"What they should be saying is 'I'm really sorry, Britain is broke and we broke it.'

"It wasn't just Liz Truss crashing the economy and that bizarre nonsense that we had earlier on in the summer, it's actually been several years of it because there was £37bn wasted on a test and trace system which was described by a senior figure at the treasury as 'the most wasteful and incompetent project we've ever had' and we wasted £9bn on PPE that couldn't be used, £4bn on PPE that ended up being burnt.

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"The level of incompetence and waste over these years has been absolutely phenomenal."

He added: "We won't get growth unless we can get people back into work. Before the pandemic came we had 4.8 million people in the UK waiting for an operation, it's now 7.2 million and there are 700,000 fewer people now working".

We wouldn't get on the wrong side of Bryant...

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