Conservative Party blames ‘bug’ for Twitter account being temporarily deleted

Conservative Party blames ‘bug’ for Twitter account being temporarily deleted

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The Tories are having an absolute nightmare, with Rishi Sunak leading them to their worst election result in history and now on July 8, the Conservative Party’s X / Twitter account temporarily disappeared from the platform.

The account came up with an error message that “something went wrong” in the late morning, before coming back online a short while later.

The party has not shared or retweeted a single post since July 5, when it reposted a Tweet from Sunak of his resignation speech in which he wrote the public had sent his party “a clear message” and that his departure was a “difficult day”.

Alongside standing down as Prime Minister, Sunak said he would also step down as party leader - once the formal processes for determining his replacement have been agreed.

In the meantime, their X / Twitter account decided to disappear, with the Conservative Party blaming a “bug” for the vanishing act.

Politicoreports a more specific comment from CCHQ, which is that it was a “mistake from Twitter Support” it is looking to resolve.

Whatever happened, the idea of a defeated political party having their X / Twitter account deleted - however that came to be - has delighted other users on the platform:

Now that it’s back, the account has replaced its bio of “Clear Plan, Bold Action, Secure Future” (the name of its election manifesto), with simply: “The official X of the Conservative and Unionist Party.”

And this is not the first time the Conservative Party’s X / Twitter account has made headlines either, as back in 2019 it was slammed for rebranding to ‘FactCheck UK’ to create the impression it belonged to an independent fact-checking organisation during an ITV debate.

It tried something similar for a BBC debate this year, changing its name and branding to ‘Tax Check UK’ to further push its messaging around Labour’s “tax bombshell”.

Indy100 has approached X / Twitter for comment.

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