Bizarre CPAC agenda has events called 'Domestic Terrorists Unite' and 'Lock Her Up FOR REAL'

Bizarre CPAC agenda has events called 'Domestic Terrorists Unite' and 'Lock Her Up FOR REAL'
CPAC President Calls to Defund PBS and 'Sesame Street' Over Asian-American Muppet

Every year since 1974, conservatives from across the United States gather to speak about values, world events, future conservative leaders, and more at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CAPC). The four-day event contains exciting talks, church services, speeches from well-known politicians, and live entertainment.

Paying anywhere from $50 to $10,000, ticket holders are eager to hear from high profile conservatives, and this year's CPAC agenda seems to have some promising events based on their names - much like past years.

The conference beings on Thursday and attendees can start their day off with events such as, "Domestic Terrorists Unite: Lessons from Virginia Parents" and "How to talk to your neighbor without starting a backyard brawl".

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The events do not contain a description but likely the names are meant to draw in an audience with their shock value. But just like those attending, the event names have also caught the eye of people on social media.

Other Thursday events are, "Are you ready to be called a racist: The courage to run for office", "AWAKE NOT WOKE", and "All the news the left permits" featuring Papa John, owner of Papa John's Pizza franchise.

Several major conservatives will be making appearances at CPAC 2022 including Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Candace Owens, Majorie Taylor-Greene, and more.

Unfortunately, the Sesame Street character will not be in attendance due to their pro-vaccine rhetoric.

But it seems some of the events will make up for the lack of puppets including Friday's, "Drill Dummy Drill" and "The Truth about January 6th: A conversation with Julie Kelly".

Saturday's itinerary has a plethora of interesting talks to watch for like "They Can’t Shut Us Up!", "Put Him to Bed, Lock Her Up and Send Her to the Border", "Woke, Inc.", and "Lock Her Up, FOR REAL".

With plenty of dramatic events to attend, this year's CPAC is sure to be filled with interesting quotes. Already this year's conference is making headlines with its bizarre merchandise.

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