Diane Abbott hits back at 'sexist' Daily Mail journalist in the most savage way

Diane Abbott hits back at 'sexist' Daily Mail journalist in the most savage way
Angela Rayner says ‘sexist’ and ‘classist’ article implied she was ‘thick’

MP Diane Abbott has hit back at the Daily Mail journalist who penned a misogynistic article about deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner.

Last weekend, The Mail on Sunday printed an article claiming that some Tories have accused the deputy leader of the opposition of crossing and uncrossing her legs to distract Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Commons.

The journalist in the story compared Rayner’s alleged tactics to Sharon Stone’s famous scene in the 1992 thriller film Basic Instinct.

The piece was heavily condemned for being sexist and classist. The MP for Ashton-under-Lyne herself said she was “overwhelmed” and “really down” after the publication of the “vile lies”.

Rayner’s colleague, Labour MP Diane Abbott, has hit back at the article’s author in a tweet naming and shaming Daily Mail journalist Glen Owen.

The MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington wrote: “This is Glen Owen the Mail on Sunday journalist who wrote the ridiculously misogynistic story about Angela Rayner and her legs.

“Interesting that he feels entitled to judge female MPs by their looks.”

Alongside her tweet, Abbott posted an image of the journalist in question which got people talking.

One person replied writing: “Get him Aunty!!!!”

Another said: “This tweet is *chef’s kiss*.”

“I've said it before & I'll say it again (& again & again, no doubt). I absolutely love Diane Abbott's not giving a f**k attitude,” another fan wrote.

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Someone else commented: “What is it about this bloke that reminds me of our cat....walking away?”

Another claimed: “it’s always the men with the hot cross bun chins that think they can talk about women.”

While some were living for the pettiness of the tweet, others were less impressed by Abbott’s means of retaliation.

“Don’t stoop to their level. We’re better than that,” someone replied.

Another wrote: “I don't agree with his article at all but this post is silly. If he was good looking should he be able to publish the article?

“There is no need to comment on his looks just his integrity will do.”

Sadly, it’s far from the first time a female MP has faced misogyny and sexism.

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