Dominic Cummings has a way of taking things into his own hands. After participating in a parliamentary committee investigating coronavirus, he shunned the calls for evidence they asked for then, a few weeks later, dumped alleged incriminatory WhatsApp messages on his blog.

He is a vocal critic of The Media, so, instead, publishes his own articles on? Yes, his blog.

And now, rather than submitting himself to the scrutiny of the press, he has rebranded – in what we hope is his final form – as an influencer, asking people to ask him “anything”... via his subscriber only blog.

But those who follow Cummings and his ups and downs also take matters into their own hands and so used Twitter to ask him their burning questions. There were a surprising number of food related queries, perhaps because he posted his Tweet around lunchtime, and inevitably, Barnard Castle was mentioned:

It costs £10 a month to follow Cummings’ substack, the blog he will be using to take submissions and answer people’s questions. Alternatively, you can pay £100 a year - a steal. Those who do not wish to pay can see what people have posted but not contribute their own comments and will not have access to subscriber only content - and we dread to imagine what that would look like.

We look forward to Cummings setting up an OnlyFans account. This is the only logical next step.

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