Dominic Raab claims government is ethical
Sky News

Dominic Raab has been ridiculed after suggesting the government operates in an ethical way “100 per cent” of the time.

Last night, it emerged that the Prime Minister’s independent ethics advisor Lord Christopher Geidt had resigned from his position.

His resignation came just one day after he said there was a “legitimate question” about whether Boris Johnson broke ministerial rules amid the partygate scandal in which he was fined by the Metropolitan police.

In an interview with Sky News, the deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab was asked by host Niall Paterson if he believes the current Conservative government operates ethically all the time and people have reacted to his answer.

Paterson said: “I do need to start with the resignation of Lord Geidt – hand on heart, do you believe that this government always, 100 per cent of the time, operates ethically?

Raab replied: “Yes, I do. I think we’re doing our best for the country.”

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It’s fair to say viewers weren’t buying it as they had other thoughts on the way this government has conducted itself.

One person commented: “That ‘yes’ was so forced and so blatantly dishonest, it was almost in danger of only being audible to dogs and bats.”

Another said: “The flaw in this question is the assumption that @DominicRaab has a heart.”

Someone else claimed: “Raab wouldn’t know what ethical was even if it bit him on the arse…”

Later in the interview, deputy PM Raab said, “It's not clear to me at all what the reason is” for Geidt’s resignation and claimed not to have read the resignation letter which has thus far remained unpublished by Number 10.

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