Donald Trump Jr's latest video has the internet rolling its eyes

Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr

Facebook / Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr has raised eyebrows with a bizarre new video in which he rants about Joe Biden and Russia.

In an almost five minute video uploaded to his Facebook page, he made fun of Joe Biden slipping up during a recent speech, and how he waved “like a little child” to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a recent virtual meeting.

He said: “Joe Biden is what stands between us and the nuclear-capable China. Joe Biden is the guy they're going to call at 3 in the morning if there’s a serious crisis with Russia.”

He went on to compare Biden to bumbling fictional presenter Ron Burgundy from Anchorman as the president read out “end of message” as he concluded a tribute to late Senator Bob Dole. Alongside Trump, other right-wingers seized upon the moment, according to fact-checkers at Snopes.

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Trump went on to ask viewers if they’re confident in Biden’s decision-making abilities, saying: “I sure as hell am not confident that this guy is capable of making even basic decisions on his own.”

The rant continues, with Trump calling Biden a “clown”.

One of the top comments on the Facebook post reads: “This is why you don't do drugs kids. Slurred speech, lack of coordination, involuntary eye movements, and eventually...delirium. DT Jr. needs [intervention]. Seek help, dude.”

Another said: “And your dad can hardly read at all and it is well known that he has an attention span of a five year old… talk about deflection!”

“And your father can't speak in complete sentences,” another quipped.

Pot, kettle, covfefe.

The video was also shared to Twitter where it was roundly roasted.


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